Robotics-inspired biology


Advances in robot design, actuation, and control have benefitted from biological inspiration. Furthermore, many scientists interested in understanding how animals move are turning to robots to test hypotheses. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate interactions between these two communities: bio-inspired roboticists and robotics-inspired biologists.

This is a virtual workshop that will consist of:

We will accept 1-page abstracts for poster presentations (see here). Researchers who work in the areas of bio-inspired robotics, robotics-inspired biology, or anywhere in between are encouraged to apply!

Workshop schedule (all times Pacific Standard Time)

8:00 Welcome, overview, and agenda (Conference organizers)
8:30 Talia Moore (University of Michigan) Website
9:00 Brooke Flammang (New Jersey Institute of Technology) Website
9:30 Auke Ijspeert (EPFL) Website
10:00 Monica Daley (UC Irvine) Website
10:30 Panel discussion
11:30 Lunch + Poster session in Spatial Chat
12:30 Invited talks from poster presenters
1:30 Poster and interaction session in Spatial Chat
3:30 Workshop ends

Contribution information

We are soliciting extended abstracts for poster presentations from students and researchers in both biology and bio-inspired robotics. Poster presentations will be hosted in SpatialChat on the day of the workshop allowing for interaction and socializing. 2 page extended abstracts should be submitted in the form of a PDF and will be posted on the workshop website after selection. The selected contributions will be presented as posters during the final portion of the workshop. The best poster submissions will be selected for short (3-5 minute) lightning talks. We particularly encourage young scientists, from both biology and robotics backgrounds to attend and interact. Submissions should be sent in an email with the subject line "[IROS 2020 poster submission]" to

Abstract format: Extended abstract should be submitted as a PDF following the IEEE Conference Templates. Templates can be found here:


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This is a workshop taking place at the upcoming IROS 2020 robotics conference ( taking place in Las Vega, NV, USA. For information contact