Robotics-inspired biology


Advances in all aspects of robotics (design, manufacturing, actuation, and controls) have enabled the development of bio-inspired robots that can now achieve some similar functions as their biological counterparts (the Harvard RoboBee, CMU modsnake, RHex, etc). Due to the increasing use of robots as a tool in the scientific process, a large community of biologists use sophisticated robotics hardware and principles to test biological hypotheses in control, actuation, and dynamics of organismal motion. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate interactions between these two communities—bio-inspired roboticists and robotics-enabled biologists. In particular, we hope to identify how roboticists who develop bio-inspired devices may shape new directions of biological inquiry. Furthermore, we want to understand how experiments in organismal locomotion are enabling new concepts for robot design and control. This workshop will address the commonalities and differences underlying these fields through keynote presentations from experts and a panel discussion. The goal of this workshop is to develop an appreciation for the cross-disciplinary roles of scientists and engineers in the future of robotic and biological locomotion research.

Important details

This is a one day workshop on the intersections of robotics and biology, being held at IROS 2017, Date and time TBD, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

We will be soliciting one-page abstracts for selected poster presentations.


Registration for full-conference and workshop-only attendees is between $125 and 175 depending on affiliation and date of registration.

Link to registration here

Invited speakers (schedule TBD)

8:30 Welcome and agenda
1 Hamid Marvi (ASU)
2 Mark Cutkosky (Stanford)
3 Sawyer Fuller (University of Washington)
4 Kirsten Petersen (Cornell)
5 Spring Berman (ASU)
11:10 6 Chen Li (Johns Hopkins)
7 Henry Astley (University of Akron)
8 Bo Cheng (Penn State)
16:45 Closing Discussions
17:00 Poster presentations

Important dates Poster competition dates will be updated soon.


This is a workshop taking place at the upcoming IROS 2017 robotics conference ( taking place in Vancouver, B.C. Canada organized by,

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together roboticists and bioligists to discuss the emerging frontiers in bio and robotic locomotion science. We are soliciting abstracts for poster presentations from students and researchers in both biology and bio-inspired robotics.