The science & engineering of
dynamic & dexterous movement
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UC San Diego


We aim to further the scientific understanding of movement and manipulation in biological systems and to apply this knowledge towards new engineering paradigms in robot design, fabrication, and control. To accomplish this we work at the intersections of robotics, physics, and biology. Our current focus is on movement and manipulation in milli-scale robot and biological systems. We develop new fabrication techniques for construction of robots at millimeter scales. Experiments with agile and dexterous organisms can aid in developing intuition and understanding of effective movement strategies at small scales.

  • Micro-robotics fabrication
  • Mechanism design for stable, dynamic movement
  • Biomechanics of rapid flight maneuvers
  • Manipulation in biology
  • Swarm robots and biology
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  • 20 July 2023

    Shivam's robot work on subterranean burrowing robots (published here) has a great writeup in the UC San Diego Today. Making robots move through sand is HARD! Thankfully we have plenty of it here in San Diego :)

  • 1 September 2022

    We are happy to announce Prof. Gravish has been promoted to Associate professor.

  • 1 July 2022

    What a great Spring and Summer. We said goodbye to masters students Jordan Banh, Zhe Yong, Garam Kim, David Zhu, who all successfully defended their theses!

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Graduate students: We encourage interested students to contact PI Gravish about potential opportunities.

Post-docs: We do not currently have any funded post-doctoral positions however students who are interested can contact PI Gravish to discuss co-applying for post-doctoral funding.

Undergrads: We are happy to have talented undergraduates work with graduate students on indendent research projects. Contact PI Gravish with an email to get more information.

Recent papers

77. Publications. 2023.                           
76. Biophysical transitions in insect flight dynamics are bridged by common muscle physiology. 2023.    (In Review).       Journal                     
75. A reconfigurable soft linkage robot via internal virtual joints. 2023.    (In Review).       Journal                     
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